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No SAX or ASD.50 E grieg, Piano Concerto, Norwegian Dances, Lyric Suite, Bachauer, RPO, c: Weldon, r i:1960 original silver/blue chevrons label scarce in this original label.00 E "Pop" Concert, saint-saens, Danse Macabre, ravel, Bolero, chabrier, Espana, debussy, Prelude to L'Apres d'un Faune, dukas, Scherzo. Vishnevskaya, Dedyukhin, piano, r i:1961 M original silver/red label groove pr 131210 RB 6517.00 E couple of light non-sounding marks (near mint) wagner, Tristan: Love Duet, Lohengrin: Bridal Chamber Scene, Flagstad, Melchior, RCA Victor O, c: McArthur, M red label/black spot groove. Purcell Consort of Voices, c: Burgess, r i:1969 Decca pr TV 34222S.00 E boieldieu, Ma Tante Aurore: comic opera in 2 acts (1803), Ogeas, Mollien, Collard, Kal, French RTV CO, c: Couraud, r i:1972 Decca pr TV 37019/21S.00.1 is V/E 10 ticks. There is some contention as to whether K271a is really Mozart.00 V/E Ida Haendel plays Sibelius, sibelius, Violin Concerto, 2 Serenades, Humoreske no 5, Ida Haendel, Bournemouth SO, c: Berglund, r i:1976 Q original black/white dog/stamp sleeve.00 E light non-sounding mark (near mint). Concerts de Paris O, c: Auberson, r i:1964 M Concert Hall sleeve is E coup 003 130.00 V/E: 1cm mark gives occasional very soft ticks beethoven, Sonata no 9, Kreutzer, Sonata no 8, Martzy, Antonietti, r:1956/1951 i:1997 M #Sonata 9: Bayerischen Rundfunks recording, Sonata. Rare 141306 slpm 138 690/1.00 E strauss, R, Elektra, Borkh, Schech, Mardeira, Fischer-Dieskau, Staatskapelle Dresden, c: Bohm, r i:1961 large tulips German pr orig grey coth-covered box has lost its "Stereo" sticker, libretto Boxed 2 LPs #scarce 141304 slpm 138 760/3.00 E couple. James, Wilfrid Parry, piano, John McCabe, piano, r i:1979 Cornucopia 831601 IM 39061.50 E Wynton Marsalis, trumpet, music by Fasch, Handel, Torelli, Purcell, Molter. Slpem.00 E bach, Matthew Passion: Choruses Arias, Seefried, Topper, Haefliger, Engen, Munchener Bach Ch O, c: Richter, large tulips German pr #Fischer-Dieskau slpem.00 E light non-sounding mark (near mint) mascagni, Cavalleria Rusticana, highlights, Cossotto, Bergonzi, La Scala, c: Karajan, r:1966 i:1967 large tulips German. Alirio Diaz, r i:1970 original col dog/stamp 2113.50 E holst, A Choral Fantasia, Psalm 86, Op 51, Janet Baker, Wilfred Brown, Purcell Singers, ECO, c: Imogen Holst, r:1964 i:1972 dog/stamp includes additional repertoire 4715.00 E britten, Three Song Cycles: Seven Sonnets of Michelangelo. 1972 Boxed 07 LP 152.00 E Trumpet Piano, gershwin, Rhapsody in Blue, arranged Dokshitser, Edward Tarr, trumpet, Elisabeth Westenholz, piano, r i:1980 BIS gatefold sl includes additional repertoire 1811611 LP.50 E Helsinki Chamber Orchestra, sibelius, Suite Mignon, Canzonetta, Rakastava, Rahkonen, violin, Hoyla. Contrasting examples of pieces performed as written, with ornamentation according to the principles of the appropriate period. Gerald Finzi founded Newbury String Players in 1940, and it had the reputation of the best amateur orchestra (though including some professional players) of its time. Koopman, organ, Le Madrigal de Luxembourg, c: Schertzer, r i:1977 Alpha gatefold sl 861808 DCA 614.00 E light non-sounding mark (near mint) beethoven, Violin Concerto, Romance in D, Oscar Shumsky, Phil O, c: Andrew Davis, r i:1988 D ASV #very late LP issue 161109. Auden includes additional repertoire 901710 regl 572.00 E light non-sounding mark (near mint) Mass of St Sylvester, palestrina/soriani, Missa Pape Marcelli, A liturgical reconstruction of a Papal Mass in 1613, recorded in the Sistine Chapel.

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Rare.00 New mozart Edition Vol 7, mozart, The Piano Works: includes complete Sonatas, Variations, Piano Duets, with Ludwig Hoffman, piano Erik Smith, h'chord. Vol 1, Music of Spain, falla, Suite Populaire, Ritual Fire Dance, Starker, Pommers, M Peroid plain sleeve includes additional repertoire 13217.50 E small non-sounding mark (near mint) scarlatti, Harpsichord Sonatas: Longo 445, 420, 23, 439, 430, 126, 162, 37, 274, 165, 173, 280, 135. Records 1 2 are the original mono issues 33CX 1826 33CX 1827. R i:1963 orig green/gold label ( ASD white/gold) damaged sleeve. In a large slip case that is a little shabby, complete with John Culshaw's fascinating book "Ring Resounding" Boxed 19 LPs except for the one small flaw the LPs are in splendid condition #OSA 1508, OSA 1509, OSA 1604.00 E light non-sounding mark (near mint). Earl Wild, r:72 i:1972 Vanguard 51603 VSD 713/4.00 E couple of light non-sounding marks on one side (near mint) canteloube, Songs of the Auvergne, sung in original dialect, with translations. The Alto issues are reputed to have superb sound includes additional repertoire 181604 ASD 588.00 E rossini, Stabat Mater, Lorengar, Allen, Traxel, Greindl, St Hedwig's Cathedral Ch, Berlin SO, c: Forster, r i:1964 orig semi-circle label #rare, my first copy ASD 589.50. 16183.00 E Monteverdi at St Mark's, monteverdi, Beatus Vir, Laudate Dominum, Confitebor Tibi Domine, Salve Regina, Salve O Regina, Gloria a 7, Rogers, tenor, Partridge, tenor, Loveday, violin, Marriner, violin, Thames Chamber Ch, London Trombone Quartet, c: Halsey, r i:1967 Virtuoso tape on back. Shirley Verrett, RCA Italian Opera-Orchestra, c: Pretre, r i:1969 orignal small label Decca pr 401608 SB 6799.00 E Leontyne Price, barber, Two Scenes from Anthony Cleopatra, Knoxville: Summer of 1915, Leontyne Price, NPO, c: Schippers, r i:1969 sleeve is V/E 451608 SB 6813.00. Jacqueline du Pre occasionally played with them 11409 NT 002.50 E light non-sounding mark (near mint) Music for the National Trust: Music for the Vyne, this original instrument ensemble includes Catherine Mackintosh on violin, treble viol, rebec, and Trevor Jones on viola, bass rebec.

band groove pr, orig ED2 libretto #from SET 305/ SET 354/5.00 E strauss. Inc Zueignung, Die Nacht, Allerseelen, Heimkehr, Standchen, Fischer-Dieskau, Gerald Moore, piano, r i:1968 original semi-circle label.00 E messiaen, Quartet for the End of Time, Beroff, piano, Gruenberg, violin, de Peyer, clarinet, Pleeth, cello, r i:1969 original semi-circle label #scarce 6112.00 V/E delius,. Helmut Walcha, Archiv German pr sleeve is E- blue/grey triple gatefold sapm.00 E bach, Fantiasies Fugues BWV 542, 537, Fantasies BWV 572, 562, Passacaglia BWV 582, Frans-Caspar-Schnitger organ, St Laurenskerk, Alkmaar. Adagio K 580a by Mozart. Soprano, Recital, arias by Puccini, Giordano, Verdi, Dvorak. Lovely clear sound gounod, Faust, de los Angeles, Gedda, Christoff, Theatre National de l'Opera, c: Cluytens, r i:1954 M original red/gold label sleeves are V/E: coffee stains on 2 sleeve backs 4 LPs #the early mono-only recording 3818.00 V/E pressing bubble give soft low. The Scholars, r i:19601 UNS 266.00 E buller, John, Proenca: for large orch, Mezzo-soprano Electric Guitar, Sarah Walker, Timothy Walker, BBC SO, c: Elder, r i: UNS 267.50 E young, Douglas, Virages - Region One, Rohan de Saram, cello, Leics Chorale, Leics Schools. R:1957 i:1964 M Caedmon TE 1123.00 E light non-sounding mark (near mint) prokofiev, War and Peace, Vishnevskaya, Arkhipova, Petrov, Pankov, Bolshoi Theatre, c: Melik-Pachaev, r:1961 M Period US pr orig leaflet Boxed 4/6.00 E verdi, Don Carlo, Caniglia, Stignani, Sciutti, Rossi-Lemeni, Radio Italiana. No leaflet Boxed 4 LPs best copy I've ever had #the early mono-only recording 3017/5.00 E light non-sounding mark scratch on side 6 gives 4 ticks 3 clicks. RPO, c: Beecham, r i:1962 white/gold label 771808 ASD 507 250.00 E tiny mark in pressing gives 7 or 8 intermittent ticks (near mint) stravinsky, Pulcinella, Le Baiser de la Fee, Phil O, c: Vandernoot, r i:1963 white/gold label factory sample sticker on label,. Pricd as if SAX.00 V/E ravel, Complete Orchestral Works vol 2, ravel, Bolero, Rapsodie Espagnole, La Valse, Paris Conserv O, c: Cluytens, r i:1963 semi-circle label plain sleeve 7817.00 E light non-sounding mark tiny mark gives 9 or 10 soft ticks. ..

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Arleen Auger, soprano, i:1981 D Telefunken gatefold sl corner clipped #The 12 Cellists folk metal dating kouvola of the Berlin Philharmonic.42658.00 E handel, Organ Concertos nos 1, 2, 3, 4, Tachezi, Concentus Musicus Wien, (OI c: Harnoncourt, r i:1982 Alte Werk.43336.00 E salieri/mozart, Prima la Musica, Poi. No wear, lovely clear sound mozart, Quartets K 158, 159, 160, Barchet Quartet, i:1955 M Vox silver/black label US pr #very rare 191803 PLP 201-1/4.00 E, 2nd LP is V/E bach, Christmas Oratorio, Schilling, Michaelis, Hohmann, Mueller, Stuttgart Choral Society, Suebian SO, c: Grischkat. Hamish Milne, r i:1982 Cambridge Records.017.50 E herold, Le Pre-aux-Clerks: Opera-comique in 3 actes (highlights, I presume), Doria, le Bris, Louvay, Senechal, Orchestra chorus, c: Etcheverry, Vega French pr L 89001.00 E light non-sounding mark (near mint) mozart, Flute Concerto. Bargain price arnold, Symphony no 5, Peterloo Overture, 4 Cornish Dances, cbso, c: Arnold, r i:1973 orig black/white dog/stamp on TAS Super Disc List sleeve.00 E light non-sounding mark (near mint) rachmaninov, The Covetous Knight: one act Opera, Kuznetsov, Budrin, Usmanov, Dobrin, Moscow. Side 2 is V/E Klemperer Conducts wagner, wagner, Overtures: Rienzi, Flying Dutchman, Tannhauser, Meistersinger. Genevieve Joy, Jacqueline Robin (Bonneau i:1974 Erato gatefold.50 E monteverdi, Two Magnificats: extracts from Vespro delle Beata Vergine, Ticinelli-Fattori, Cuenod, Huttenlocher, Ens Vocal et Instrumental de Lausanne, c: Corboz, Erato gatefold sl #artists inc 235150/53.50 E rameau, Les Indes Galantes, Huttenlocher, Jennifer Smith. Both plucked with quills. "A new Concert version" 41804 SET 513.00 E meyerbeer, Les Huguenots: highlights, Sutherland, Arroyo, Tourangeau, Vrenios, NPO, c: Bonynge, r:1971 Decca narrow band libretto 751403 SET 514/7.00 E mussorgsky, Boris Godunov, Ghiaurov, Vishnevskaya, Spiess, Maslennikov, VPO, c: Karajan, r i:71 orig narrow band. 4th LP is E light non-sounding mark strauss, R, Rosenkavalier, Gueden, Reining, Jurinac, Weber, Vienna State Opera, VPO, c: Kleiber, r i:1954 M original gold/orange label sleeves are E or E-, one sleeve has a split suomiporni bb naiset alasti on bottom edge 4 LPs #delightful sleeves, each with. Australian Contemporary Music Ensemble, c: Humble, r i:1976 sleeve is V/E. Includes additional repertoire 6015.00 E light mark.1 ticks for half a minute. A66039.00, e light non-sounding mark (near mint a Feather on the Breath of God, hildegard OF bingen, Sequences Hymns, Emma Kirkby, Gothic Voices, c: Page, r i:1981 D hyperion gatefold sl #Gramophone Record Award. Grumiaux, Lamoureux O, c: Rosenthal, r:1963/71 Philips original white/red label issued without a leaflet Boxed 2 LPs includes additional repertoire.00 E, like new Claudio Arrau: Liszt, liszt, Piano Concertos nos 1 2, Transcendaental Etudes, Complete Concert Paraphrases on Operas by Verdi, etc, Arrau, r: Philips. Thomas, baritone, Enid Simon, harp, Jacob Hanneman, piano, r i:1957 M Decca silver/black labels sleeves are E- 702 LW 5241.00 E Twentieth Century English Songs, by Bridge, Butterworth, Ireland, Moeran, Warlock, Holst, Berkeley, Britten, Oldham. A remarkably rare set.00 E falla, Nights in the Garden of Spain, Soriano, Nat O of Spain, c: Argenta, r i:1958 Columbia silver/blue label rare in such splendid condition #Spanish Columbia issue, with magical sound quality - "luminous" - full of light. A half cm light mark ticks.2. 16117mp; SWL 8011.00 E mozart, Horn Concertos nos 1, 2, 3 4, Clarinet Concerto, Tuckwell, horn, de Peyer, clarinet, LSO, c: Maag, r i:1960/61 Decca wide band SXL 2238 is ED3, SWL 8011 is ED1 2 LPs #I'm offering the two records together,. Hans-Helmut Schwarz, Edith Henrici, Duo di Heidelberg, Da Camera includes additional repertoire 571801 SM 93108.00 E small non-sounding mark (near mint) reger, Telemann Variations, Mozart Variations, Steurer, piano, Alfons Aloys Kontrasky, 2 pianos, r i:1967 Da Camera Magna 391801 SME.00 E light non-sounding mark.

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Small split in bottom edge of 2nd sleeve 801 PLP 238.00 V/E, not quite silent at start gluck, L'Ivrogne Corrige (The Reformed Drunkard), Benoit, Demigny, Collart, Betti, Paris Phil O, c: Leibowitz, M Nixa original gold/red label #a very rare LP PLP 546.00. Pears, Howell, Harper, Hodgson, Wandsworth Sch Boys' Ch, ECO, c: Britten, r i:1972 narrow band box is E-, book with text translation Boxed 3 LPs #Tear, Shirley-Quirk. Half price henze, Der Junge Lord, McDaniel, Driscoll, Mathis, German Opera O Ch, c: von Dohnanyi, i:1968 large tulips German pr Boxed 3 LPs #orig book is full of photos has German text notes in English. Lipatti, r:1947 M early coloured dog/stamp.00 E light non-sounding mark (near mint) Wilhelm Furtwangler conducts Bruckner's Seventh Symphony, bruckner, Symphony no 7, BPO, c: Furtwangler, r:1949 M EMI original red/black label a lot of writing on sleeve back #transfer of a broadcast 7516.00. Pascal Roge, piano, r i:1975 Decca silver/orange wideband label French pressing gatefold sl is E- #French issue of SXL.00 E massenet, La Navarraise: 2 act opera, Popp, Vanzo, Souzay, Sardinero, LSO, c: de Almeida, r i:1975 CBS German.00 E scarlatti, Domenico, Stabat Mater, Kennedy. Ingrid Haebler, Philips sealed copy Boxed.00 E Janet Baker, recorded. Boxed 3 LPs #sung in German 14163.00 E handel, Two Cantatas: Delirio Amorosa, Nel dolce del'oblio, Magda Kalmar, soprano, Chamber Ensemble, Liszt Ferenc CO, c: Sandor, Hungaroton 68180/2.00 E rossini, Mose, Gregor, Kalmar, Nagy, Hamari, Hungarian RTV O Ch, c: Gardelli, r i:1981. Sleeve of Vol 2 is E-.50 E light non-sounding mark (near mint) mozart, Horn Concertos 1 - 4, Fragment from Horn Concerto in E major, Tuckwell, LSO, c: Maag, r i:1964 wide band, ED3 small number sticker on label sleeve 22615.50 V/E. Spiral-bound spine is V/E 04 LPV 443/4.00 E light non-sounding mark in pressing (near mint) novak, The Storm: Cantata, Tauberova, Tikalova, Blachut, Mraz, Czech Singers Ch, Czech PO, c: Krombholc, r i:1958 M Mono only edges of orig blue/gold labels are discoloured. Additional text in English.

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Vishnevskaya, Bolshoi Theatre, c: Khaikin, M MK 331703 DPA 537/8.00 E Favourite Composers: elgar, elgar, Enigma Variations, Introduction Allegro for Strings, Chanson de Matin, Chanson de Nuit, Serenade in E minor for Strings, Pomp Circumstance Marches, c: Monteux/Boult/Marriner/Bliss, r:1968/75 i:1976 narrow band English Decca. D'Anglebert, D'Andrieu, Rameau, Louis Francois Couperin, Chambonnieres, Daquin. Rest is E light non-sounding mark mascagni, Cavalleria Rusticana, Callas, di Stefano, Panerai, La Scala, c: Serafin, r i:1954 M red semi-circle label English pressing, so its a re-labelled 33CX 1182/3 early sleeves B/L.00 E light non-sounding mark (near mint) gluck, Orphee (Paris 1774. Strauss (2 Alabieff, Delibes, Flotow, Arditi, a Villanelle. Sleeve is E- Alto was an early 180gm re-issue label, later taken over by Speakers Corner. 671611.00 E britten,.M.D.G. Eliot: Murder in the Cathedral, Paul Schofield as Thomas Becket, with Cyril Cusack, Harry Andrews, Alec McCowen, Patrick Magee, Cathleen Nesbitt, Glenda Jackson. Splendid sound!.00 E britten, Cantata Academica, Hymn to St Cecilia, Hymn to the Virgin, Choral Dances from Gloriana, Vyvyan, Watts, Pears, Brannigan, LSO Ch, c: Malcolm, r i:1961 orig large label groove pr ( early SXL ED1) rare in this original label 7175.00 ecital. Split in top edge of box, which is otherwise E Boxed 3 LPs superb condition for such an early pressing CX 1159.50 E 2 tiny marks each give about 10 soft ticks britten, Variations on a Theme of Frank Bridge, Phil O, c: Karajan. Artists incl Fistoulari, Goossens, Stokowski, Fevrier, Boulez. Hurford, Alpha sleeve.50 V/E beethoven, Trio Op 9 no 3, Serenade for Flute, Violin Viola, Op 25, Joseph Fuchs, violin, Lilian Fuchs, viola, Harry Fuchs, cello, Julian Baker, flute, r i:1953 M orig gold/plum label sleeve is E 16917/41.00 G/V, no wear, clear. Conductors: Enescu, Monteux, Landon Ronald. 5th LP is V/E ticky surface at start of side 9 wagner, Tristan Isolde, Flagstad, Suthaus, Phil O, c: Furtwangler, r i:1953 M orig red/gold label orig flat pr orig red/cream gatefolds are E-.00 E wagner, Tristan Isolde, Act III, Flagstad, Suthaus, Phil.